Restorative Planning for Landscapes in Transition


"As a landowner, I appreciate the complexity of the land we have now and especially the challenges with global warming and increased drought...If you want a more holistic way of dealing with the problems you are facing, Jan-Willem is the kind of guy who can pull it all together."

—  Brad Holian, Private Landowner, Glorieta Mesa, Client of 10+ years


Who We Are

Ecotone Landscape Planning, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in integrated landscape management planning, ecological restoration, and land stewardship.

Ecotone’s unique expertise lies at the crossroads of watershed planning, forest ecology, stream and wetland restoration, and community stewardship mobilization.

Reseeding grass in the Galisteo Bosque wetland

What We Do

Ecotone's vision is to help create and maintain healthy, productive landscapes through insightful ecological stewardship by the primary users and decision makers of the land. 


We conceptualize landscape conservation and restoration initiatives, bring together project teams, identify and pursue funding sources, and direct the project’s detailed design and implementation.


The Galisteo Bosque after restoration


Ecotone’s Projects encompass four areas of expertise, as indicated by the pictures on the right.

Many Ecotone projects bring together these areas of expertise in a holistic approach to address landowner concerns with the land. Ecotone projects, therefore, are known for combining landscape planning, ecological restoration, and public stewardship education.

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